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Getting Started… on the path back to our True Selves: Getting TO YES

Remember when you were a child? Playing with others was easier, playing all together was easier because we had no responsibilities with the exception of how we handled ourselves and even then as a child you probably could get away with alot. Right? This is where it all began… the lie the facade that everything would be easy. It wasn’t until the age of 17 when I moved out that I realized accountability would be something I’d need to accept in my life. Until that time life was easy, it was handed to me, all of my needs were met. At 17 my health, my livelihood became my responsibility. If a sickness showed up I’d need to ask myself what could have caused this and 9 times out of 10 it was something that came from outside myself but something I had allowed.

We have nothing to lose anymore – but the need to get rid of the veils, obstacles and afflictions that came from outside of ourselves.  We need to stop thinking that it’s someone elses responsibility to fix ourselves, that some magic pill will show up and erase all our pains.  

The truth is inside of us. All along from the time you were born you’ve had all you will ever need and it’s inside of you. I can not take your pain away, but you can. Your mindset is the key to your success and/or your demise.

Now if you can… take a second and go back, way back and remember when you’re five years old. Maybe you were going to play at a friends house? What do you see? What do you Feel? Is this a good memory? Is this a bad memory? The key word is it’s all a memory a story and therefore from the past, however, the point of this exercise is to hopefully help you see that, that spirit that was in you at a young age was a lot more apt to roll with it, say yes to the experience. Cherish or dismiss your memories however you feel, but the feeling you feel from all of your experiences can be triggered later on in life so if the memory was good chances are you’ll seek that feeling again, if it is the later, chances are you won’t go experience anything like it again because it did not work for you the first time around. What I am proposing is that you free your mind of the thoughts regardless and focus on what is NOW. Removing the outcome and just jumping to a YES especially when it’s taking care of you. Say YES to yourself. Yes I am loved, Yes I am worthy, Yes I deserve happiness and Yes I got this. By saying YES and committing to yourself you are giving more to everyone you come in contact with.


Here are some ways to say yes to yourself:

Block time everyday to at least two hours of doing something that brings you joy.
If you are trying to get your health back under control….say yes to drinking good clean WATER, eat a plant based diet, identify toxicities in your life and see how you can remove it from your day.
If you are tired and need a nap.. schedule one.
If you wanna dance.. do it.


Whatever brings you joy start adding moments of joy back in to your day.  


Keep a journal so you can vent.  Pretend the journal is your best friend and start writing.  Sometimes the only way to identify what is troubling you is to write about it.   Focus on the now, how you are feeling now, what you need to do now.  Let go of all else as it will not serve your success anymore.


Using a journal with a calendar can be very helpful to identify patterns of food items that you may have sensitivities too, or at least help you see what may be hurting you.


When an opportunity presents itself saying yes when your heart feels it can be so liberating. So yes to you. You deserve it.

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